How to Invite for Easter


This coming Sunday begins a Very Big Week for Christians.

Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is the triumph not only of Jesus Christ, but of our lives as now intertwined with his. This week is the triumph of our faith.

But some of the power of this story gets lost in our familiarity with it, lost to us because we know it so well. It's a bit like watching a movie you love...for the 42nd time.

The longer we have been a Christian, it is easy to forget what life was like before Jesus — the stress, pressures, and anxieties of life building with no release. 

Yet, there are people in our life that need to experience the power behind the Easter story — the power of Jesus to truly set them free. 

This year, to help you invite someone for Easter, we have created an Easter Fun Activity Bag that you can pick up on Sunday morning at church. It’s full of ideas and supplies to make your after church Easter party a huge success! You can also follow us on Pinterest to find even more ideas and resources.

When it comes to the actual invite, here are some ways you can extend Easter invitations to those around you:

1. Pray for them by name, before inviting them.

Ask God to go before you, and create a smooth path of conversation for you. Praying for the person will also ease your nerves and put things in appropriate perspective.

2. Pair the invitation with food or hospitality.

Invite them to coffee before the service or lunch afterward with you and your family. Tell them the menu! Explain there’s plenty of food, and you’d be honored to have them as your guest. We have an activity bag available in the lobby with everything you need to create an after-service event at your house.

3. Meet them in the parking lot and walk up together.

Walking into a new church can be intimidating for your friend. So tell them a time that you will meet them in the parking lot so you can walk them through everything. Take the guesswork out of it for them!

4. Be specific.

Don’t speak in generalities. It’s easier for people to say “no” to an incomplete invitation with vague details. Don’t just ask them if they’d like to attend Easter service with you. Tell them when it starts, when you’ll meet them in the parking lot, when it will be over, where you plan to go to lunch afterward, etc. Then, see what they say!

5. Have compassion toward their insecurities about church.

If you know there are reasons they don’t usually attend church, be sensitive. Say, “I’m aware of some of your views about church, but if you’d at all be interested, my church is having a really amazing service on Sunday. I’ll be sitting right there with you, and I’d love for you to feel freedom to come if you are at all curious.”  

6. Use social media.

You’ve already got the followers and the platform. Why overcomplicate things? Utilize your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to invite people. Ask your followers to direct message you or text you if they want specific details.

7. If all else fails…just ask!

Don’t overthink it. When you’re at the store, out for a walk, working out at the gym, attending classes, or in the break room at work—just take a deep breath, smile, and ask! 

This may your 42nd or it may be your 1st Easter as an adult Christian. Either way, may we never forget the power God has to change lives and set us free. And we never stop inviting people to find that acceptance and freedom!

See you this Sunday — I love ya!

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