What to Expect From Your 6th Grader

You probably already know this, but sixth grade is a HUGE year in a person’s life. It probably won’t feel like it most weeks, but what you’re doing this year is going to dramatically influence the future for your kid.

There is no other year of a person’s life that just naturally has less consistency. They can be kids one minute, and all grown up the next. You might be surprised…

Disappointment in Prayer

It seems that disappointment and bad news comes in bunches, doesn’t it?

  • The doctor calls. It’s not the report you were hoping for. It certainly isn’t the report you’ve been praying for.

  • Things don’t look that great at work. Sales are down and you can see the pressure mounting.

  • The school calls and wants to have conference about your child — when is that ever a good thing?

With that in mind, it’s interesting…

Monday Morning Heart Attacks

Statistically, there are more heart attacks on Monday morning than any other time in the week.

I’m sure you don’t have to hear that statistic to know the truth behind it; we’ve all tasted it. Monday morning can be a  treacherous outcropping with merciless waves of overwhelming responsibility, pressure and stress crashing in hard;