Sabotage Part 2 - Conquering Pride


Undermining Behavior: A life full of pride.

Pride can and will sabotage almost every single relationship that you're in. In general, pride is at the bottom of most of the relationship mistakes that we make. 

And there's two reasons why pride is so hard to address.

First, pride is unbelievably difficult for us to detect in our own life.  It is very difficult for us to actually see without having some kind of massive “hit rock bottom” type experience.

Second, we live in a culture that, for the most part, sees pride as irritating at worst. But in a lot of cases maybe even a virtue. Maybe it's just part of being a strong, confident, high achiever. 

The problem with that idea in our culture is that the Bible teaches that pride is lethal. That it is toxic, not only in our relationship to God, but it's toxic in our relationships to one another. 

Proverbs 29:1 “Whoever stubbornly refuses to accept criticism will suddenly be destroyed beyond recovery.”

You can win the argument or you can win the other person's heart but you probably won't do both. 

You've got to figure this out in your relationships. What's most important to you? 

Do you want to win the argument? Because you can argue anything as long as you want to argue and eventually you're probably going to come up with enough reasons why you're right.

Or you can win the other person's heart but you're probably not going to win both.