God Questions Part 2


In this series, we formed a panel from our staff to answer questions about faith and God that were submitted to us online. Panel members include: Clay Monkus, Lead Pastor; Joseph McMurry, Teaching and Family Ministries Pastor; Brad Medford, Student Ministries Pastor; Bruce Jones, Discipleship and Groups Pastor; George Estes, Pastoral Care Pastor.

This is part 2 of that discussion, where we answered the following questions:

  • Does God See all sin as equally bad or are there different degrees of sin? Does God see them differently?
  • To spread the word of God do you have to go out and preach the bible? Because, what if  I don’t know the Bible that well myself? 
  • What has to be done by someone to be saved?
  • Is it possible to be “unsaved” based on our actions?
  • Why is it SO hard to accept Jesus’ Love is truly unconditional?
  • Do prayers change God’s actions?
  • When you have been raped how do you let that go?
  • Where is God now? Where is God when it hurts?