EPIC | Jan 7 - Feb 18, 2018

If there is meaning to this life, then why do our days seem so random? What is this drama we've been dropped into the middle of? If there is a God, what sort of story is he telling here?

This message series is on a subject that has changed a lot of the lives of people in our church.

But there's more to it than just that. This series is about the foundational pieces of how we help people grow. How we help people move from surviving to thriving.

Really, it’s the foundational piece of all that we do as a church. 

But there's so much more to it than that. The message in this series is a message that saved my wife and I from a dead life of religion and disappointment.

It is a message that helped me renew my relationship with my three children. It helped me re-frame my priorities. I learned it in the midst of one of my most desperate times. And it gave me hope when honestly, my life didn't seem to have much hope left.

The truths in this series introduced me to a relationship with Jesus that, despite the fact that I'd grown up in church and had been a pastor for 15 years, I never dreamed or imagined could be possible. 

And it's done the exact same thing for lots of other people around me at Next Level. 

And here's the good news, it has the potential to do the exact same thing for you. 

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