We know there are many Christians—especially in the United States—that are giving up on church because they were hurt by pastors or wounded by other Christians, or because they simply decided to "go it alone." They are knows as "dones"—people who are "done" with church.

"Dones" might watch an occasional church service on television or meet with a few Christian friends over coffee for a casual Starbucks version of "church lite." They still consider themselves serious Christians, but they want nothing more of pastors, tithing, scheduled meetings or church drama.

If you or someone you love has given up on church, we're not here to condemn you. We too have had our share of disappointments in church over the years. So, if this is you, can we offer a reason to not give up on church? And it starts with a story...

Why Should You Try Church Again?

Something repulsive takes place at the gate called Beautiful. Acts 3 records the story of a lame beggar who sits every day at the temple gate, passed by as people walk in to worship God. Those who should reach out to help count him unworthy to enter. Any meager coins he receives do not meet his needs of acceptance and transformation.

Maybe you feel like the beggar? Crippled spiritually or emotionally? Maybe you looked to find help at church and only experienced rejection or disappointment?

And this lead to you giving up on church.

If so, you are not alone, many others have been stopped at church doors or turned out of them.

But a day comes when everything changes for the beggar. Peter and John offer Jesus as they pass by; the man is healed. He finds acceptance and healing through men who have experienced the transforming power of Jesus. Religion did not know Jesus’ power.

The same can be true in church today. Some churchgoers haven’t had a real revelation of Jesus’ power. This keeps them from reaching out to others the way He would. When the man went to church, many critics were transformed. People saw the power Jesus offered. Many probably accepted Jesus as their Lord. Jesus was glorified.

Don’t give up on the Church.

All it takes is one interaction with Jesus to change everything. In our church, there are people like Peter and John who will share the power and love of Jesus with you. We have seen lives changed and want to see yours changed. Yes, in the past, you may have run into church people who judged you and caused conflict and pain, but this is a safe place for you. There is no judgement here. Only love and acceptance.

In fact this is a place where you can belong way before you believe. Don't know about that? Try us out and see.

God's Plan

The Church is God's plan. There is no other organization that is guaranteed to exist until Jesus comes back. The Church is where life change happens on a regular basis.  Wherever you are, and whatever situation you find yourself in, give Next Level Church a shot this weekend. All it takes is one interaction with Jesus to change your life forever.  

Don't give up on the Church because God has not given up on the Church, and God has not given up on you.

What Our Gatherings Are Like

At Next Level Church, our gatherings have two primary components: music and teaching. Our gatherings are casual and typically last around an hour.

  • This is a place where Everyone’s Welcome, because one of the things we’ve learned is that Nobody’s Perfect, and with God we believe that Anything’s Possible.
  • No matter where you’ve been or what you believe, you’re welcome here. 
  • The dress is casual, most people wear jeans, but some go business casual.
  • When you arrive, stop by the Welcome Center where they can direct you anywhere you need to go on campus.
  • Before you head into the main auditorium, stop by the cafe in the lobby for a fresh cup of coffee. 
  • In the main auditorium, the music rocks, the message makes sense, and we won’t call you out or embarrass you in any way. 

Sometimes the first week is just about getting through the morning, but our hope for your first visit, as well as every other visit, is this: To meet Jesus and begin to thrive in every aspect of your life.

In fact, we are so passionate about seeing people thrive, this is actually our mission as a church and the longer you’re around the more you’ll see… we really mean it!  So whether you’ve been following Jesus for 40 years or your just beginning to get to know God, we believe that as we encounter Jesus and the words of the Bible in community, God changes us, and ultimately, we thrive.

What About My Kids

We love kids! But if you’re nervous about bringing your child, come on over and see for yourself, we’ll be happy to show you around. But consider yourself warned: children have been known to drag their parents out of bed on Sunday morning because they can’t wait to get to church!

Our Nursery/Preschool and Elementary programs meet during both of our services at 9:30a and 11:00a. If you have questions about any of our programs from nursery to 5th grade, contact Krista McClain, and she will be happy to answer those questions.

Our Middle School students meet during the 9:30a service and High School students meet during the 11:00a service. If you have questions about our student ministry, contact Brad Medford, and he will be happy to answer those questions.


4317 Stevens Mill Road Matthews, NC 28104



Parking is available in the lot directly in front of our building. There is also additional parking in the rear of the property. If you have small children and will be using our nursery/preschool, you may prefer to park in the back parking lot as it is closer to the entrance of that building.

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